The Mysticism of Robin Hood
Michele-Mira, Storyteller, and Daniel Kelley, Guitarist
Original date: Thursday, November 5, 2009

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Have you ever looked at Robin Hood as more than a story of "derring-do"? Come spend an entertaining evening as Michele-Mira reads aloud from the tales of Louis Rhead's version of Robin Hood, accompanied by Daniel Kelley on acoustic guitar. We will look at some of the spiritual insights offered, the creation of a leader, and what it shows us about presenting yourself to the world in a fearless and vulnerable way. See why the "Merry Old England" of the twelfth century was a time of political and economic unrest, not unlike our own.

Michele-Mira uses story-telling as a method of healing emotional woundings, both for herself and for people she coaches. In her personal journey, she has moved from being a self-described "uptight white woman" to a more relaxed, spiritual journeyer. She has used fairy-tales to tell her inner wounding in a safer way that allowed her to release the traumatic moments with a happier ending. Now she offers fairy-tales to people looking for a fun way to find new layers of healing. Many Rivers staffer and Tayu practitioner Daniel Kelley is a talented musician, improviser, and composer; his acoustic and classical guitar music, styled through his own progressive interpretations, will accompany the readings.

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