Prasad Paul Duffy, Teacher, Author, and Filmmaker
Original Date: Friday, June 15, 7:30 pm

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�We are the Creator of our world and we are also the creation. This is the primary principal of Advaita or non-dual Truth: there is only Oneness. When we realize the true nature of Self, we realize that everything we perceive is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. As we awaken to who we are as the Source of all that is, we can join together to help co-create a world that works for everyone and manifest a new paradigm of Heaven on Earth." —Prasad

An internationally known spiritual teacher, author, and filmmaker, Prasad has devoted his life to the awakening of humanity and has facilitated hundreds of workshops, retreats and private sessions for thousands of participants from around the world. Prasad is the author of the book Dancing As the Infinite: The Freedom of our True Self.

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