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How To Save Your Relationship
Melissa Smith Baker, Author of How To Save Your Relationship
Original Date: Thursday, February 27, 2014

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Romantic, long-term relationships are one of the hottest and least understood topics of all time. Come join Melissa Smith Baker to discover the secrets of a joyful and creative relationship. She'll be using her book —How To Save Your Relationship ...From Yourself: A Myth-Busting Guide To Successful Love —to spark fun, jargon-free, non-threatening exercises. Couples and singles are welcome. Come with or without your partner. You have the capacity to have a great relationship if you know the secrets of how relationships work.

Author and relationship coach Melissa Smith Baker has been helping people for over a decade in her relationship workshops and on her website where she's written blogs on nearly every relationship topic. Time and again people express frustration at how they unknowingly destroy rather than nurture their relationships. The debunking of these myths brings understanding and clarity in a way that is easy for everyone to grasp. Within ten minutes of reading, you will have tools to start building and sustaining a vibrant and healthy relationship.

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