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Seth Returns
Mark Allen Frost, author of 9/11: The Unknown Reality of the World
Original Date: Thursday, August 7, 2014

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"You are never more alive than the moment following your physical death." Seth on Death and the Afterlife is the latest book from Mark Allen Frost, the channel for Seth, the metaphysical author and educator. In this presentation you will hear Mark and Seth discuss their latest book that includes instructions from Seth on what you may experience at the end of your current existence, and what you can expect in your personal afterlife and beyond.

Mark Allen Frost M.S., Counseling Psychology, has written ten books with Seth, the noted metaphysical author and educator. Mark as Seth provides consultation services to Seth's students around the world. He lives in Lake County California with his wife Carol, an astrologer and blogger, and his four cats. To schedule a Seth Phone Reading, contact Mark at .

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