A Shaman's Journey
Tai Hazard, Author of A Shaman's Journey
Original date: Thursday, February 25, 2010

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A Shaman's Journey is a path through the world of non-ordinary reality, and it is a new book that offers the reader a travelogue of such a journey. During ten years of Holotropic Breathwork, a technique using music and breath to enter non-ordinary states of consciousness, the author experienced over a hundred visions of encounters in the shamanic realm. Thirty-six of these visions were developed into watercolor images and are reproduced in full color in this rich and beautiful book. These images portray descents into the underworld, challenging physical and emotional ordeals, encounters with human and animal spirit guides, and psycho-spiritual death, rebirth, and inner transformation. In the deep realms of the collective unconscious the author found a mythology that would guide her in life in the ordinary state. This spiritual quest can be followed by anyone willing to enter the doorway that is always open, the doorway to one�s own true self.

Tai Ingrid Hazard is an artist, Rinzai Zen priest, and furniture maker with interests in Japanese martial arts and shamanism. She lives in Western Massachusetts and spends winters in Sebastopol.

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