Singing Us Home: Songs for the End of Life
Rhea Schnurman, Musician and Co-Director, Sonoma County Threshold Choir,
plus Maria Culberson and Yolande Adams
Original Date: Thursday, August 30, 7:30 pm

Download MP3 Audio File Here (16.1 MB)

Rhea Schnurman writes: For several years, it has been my honor to sing when invited to the bedsides of people who are approaching end of life. I have sung in small groups with both Threshold Choir singers and other musicians. During this time, I have witnessed the birth of many original songs. They include songs for the bedside, songs for memorial services, songs for the family, friends and caregivers, and songs for ourselves. They are intimate and deeply profound—songs that speak of forgiveness, comfort, surrender, trust, and compassion. May the music assist us to listen deeply, and offer loving witness and companionship during times of struggle and transition. May the songs become as inspiring to you as they have to me. May we find them placed at our fingertips at the times when we most need them.

Rhea Schnurman lives in Santa Rosa. She is a musician, bedside singer, music transcriptionist, collector of songs, co-director of Sonoma County Threshold Choir, and owner of SongCatcher Music Publications. Please join Rhea and friends as they celebrate the publication of her first songbook of songs for end of life. They will be discussing the book, as well as singing and teaching some of the songs.

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