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Singing Us Home:
Songs for the End of Life

Rhea Schnurman, Editor of Singing Us Home, accompanied by Threshold Choir members Maria Culberson and Ana Stayton
Original Date: Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Rhea writes: "For ten years, it has been my honor to sing for people as they approach their end of life. When invited, I sing at their bedsides with small groups of women from Threshold Choir. During this time, I have witnessed the birth of many beautiful songs written by members of Threshold Choir for this occasion, as well as songs by other composers. They are songs for the bedside, songs for memorial services, songs for the family, friends and caregivers, and songs for ourselves. They are intimate and deeply profound... songs that speak of forgiveness, comfort, surrender, trust, and compassion. Singing Us Home is a collection of these songs that honors and preserves the music, the words, and the events that inspired the songs. May these songs assist us in entering the sacred space of these bedsides, listening deeply, and offering loving presence during times of struggle and transition. May this book place these songs at our fingertips at the times when we most need them." Join Rhea, Maria Culberson, and Ana Stayton as they discuss bedside singing and the making of Singing Us Home. They will be singing and teaching songs from the book.

Rhea Schnurman is a musician, professional music transcriptionist, collector of songs, previous co-director of Sonoma County Threshold Choir, and creator of SongCatcher Music Publications. She also spends her days doing watercolor painting, gardening and training her new little dog Bo at her home in Santa Rosa.

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