Following Slender Threads Using the I Ching
Charles Tack, Coach and I Ching Enthusiast
Original date: Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Given the barrage of options in modern life, making soul-satisfying choices is often challenging. And for those who look deeper than everyday realities, decision-making can be even more daunting. To "follow the slender thread" of our soul's calling, as Jungian Robert Johnson calls it, requires balancing voices—inner and outer—with conflicting motivations, blending old patterns with new visions and discerning deeper impulses from superficial desires. The I Ching or Book of Changes offers a more intuitive map through the vicissitudes of daily life than we normally sense. Come learn how this ancient book of wisdom can be used to make major life choices and stay in the flow of Tao.

Charles Tack has been studying the I Ching for the past twenty years and given I Ching readings and talks for the past ten. He coaches and catalyzes individuals to make soulful choices in their personal and professional lives.

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