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Soma Song
Joy Willow, Poet and author of Soma Song
Original Date: Thursday, January 8, 2015

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Joy Willow, poet and author of Soma Song, published in 2013 by Word Project Press, will share from her intimate collection of poems concerning solitude, loss, meditation, aging, animal teachers, ending with an incantatory praise poem on the miracles of the human body. The tone is uncompromising, yet playful as it shares the peace of a life lived, finally, as gratitude. Currently Joy is living on land discovered recently to be the home of ancient peoples 7000 years ago. This source of inspiration and healing has added fuel to an already passionate exploration of what it means to actually feel the union of spirit and flesh; what it means to directly connect one's spiritual practice with each moment; and what it is to create from the intuitive field of surprise and mystery.

Joy Willow lived in Sonoma County for twenty-five years before relocating eight years ago to the southern motherlode of Tuolumne County. There she maintains an active private teaching practice for voice and piano, as well as a painting studio for her "abstract naturalist" creations. While living in Sebastopol she was an active member of the Stone Creek Zen Center.

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