Something From Nothing
The Freestone Four: Anne Scott, Lynda Terry, Myosho Ginny Matthews and Laura Duggan
Original date: Thursday, February 26, 2009

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What happens when four women—each with her own spiritual path, vision, and mission, sit together in a meditative space with no agenda? Almost two years ago, "The Freestone Four", as they playfully call themselves, began gathering on a monthly basis, with the sole purpose of seeing what might arise from their coming together. They brought with them a shared commitment to a feminine form of manifestation. At this evening gathering, they will share their experience and the surprising and delightful outcomes, including workshops, teleconferences and even book publishing. How can something arise out of nothing?

Anne Scott is the founder of DreamWeather Foundation and an author of several books, including Women, Wisdom and Dreams: The Light of the Feminine Soul. Lynda Terry is founder of Vessels of Peace and author of The 11 Intentions: Invoking the Sacred Feminine as a Pathway to Inner Peace. Myosho Ginny Matthews is an ordained lay Rinzai nun and founder of Dharma Heart women's meditation center. Laura Duggan is founder of Freestone Retreat Center, publisher, and author of An Inquiring Life: Weekly Contemplations.

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