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Sound and Poetry
Nina Tepedino
Original Date: Thursday, August 31, 2017

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SOUND! Body and Mind at 82: Health Wisdom for All Ages is a chronicle of Ms. Tepedino's years of research and experience in healing the natural way. This book consists of six Chapter/Essays with extensive resources available for each chapter. It provides candid testimony through personal memoir to substantiate the author's beliefs regarding the current western medical/chemical practices. This book encourages the use of ancient and indigenous healing methods with the use of medicinal plants and physical regimens to honor the body's ability to spontaneously heal itself. Who will be the listening audience for this health wisdom voice? It will be the growing populations who want to change how they heal, cook, grow food and search for a safer life-style free from chemicals, GMOs, processed food additives, fast food industry and protection from the pharmaceutical dynasties. You are invited to join Ms. Tepedino on a path to disease free longevity and toward a state of enjoyed health and well-being.

Nina Tepedino has been a musician, teacher, lay minister, and is currently a tai chi instructor. She has been schooled by Nature's Way and the Tao for over forty years. She shares her knowledge and research through her life stories and her passion for voicing her words of elder health wisdom. Her other books include: If You Lived in Sam's Neck (2012), and Woman Wandering 1975 (2015). She lives in Sebastopol.

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