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Rudolf Steiner and the Emerald Vision
John Suslov
Original Date: Thursday, May 21, 2015

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The work of Rudolf Steiner has been considered difficult, bizarre, and for often contradictory reasons, profound. He has been called, variously, a New Age prophet/shaman, a self-deluded charlatan, and even a reincarnation of Christ-Zoroaster. This talk will strive to avoid such labels and instead focus on his philosophical-cosmological vision. Steiner's work will be shown to be strongly rooted in the Christian tradition and in the philosophical and speculative works of Western Esotericism (both pre and post Christian). Steiner's work has deep ties to the Platonic tradition, the theology of Dionysius the Areopagite, and the later Rosicrucians and Sophiologists, such as Jacob Boehme, Robert Fludd and Vladimir Solovyov. The "Emerald Vision" (or visio smaragdina) refers to the unity of Hermetic wisdom across the ages and to a holistic vision of the spiritual cosmos interacting with the physical world—a central theme in Steiner's "Alchemical" Christianity.

John Suslov holds an MA in Religion and Philosophy and is a former college instructor. He is interested in the revitalization of traditional Western forms of knowledge, culture and aesthetics. He has a keen interest in the symbolic language, concepts, and methods used by ancient societies and civilizations to encode their knowledge in the form of myth and initiatory text. He also knows how to mix a drink.

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