The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of
Hélena Liefer, Ph.D.
Original Date: Thursday, March 24, 2011

Download MP3 Audio File Here (14.9 MB)

Join us for an interactive experience between audience and narrator utilizing magazine-picture collage images to explore the positive and negative use of the imagination. Collage will be treated as a meditative, personal, and solo spiritual practice. The talk will probe into the images and words of our dreams, so that we can share them with ourselves and each other.

Hélena Liefer, Ph.D., was born in Europe, has lived in South America and Canada. For the past twenty years, she has been working and living in California building on her lifetime passions—art and design, psychology, and verbal and non-verbal communication. She continues to work independently providing clients with personal one-day retreats in which she shares her own artistic world and accompanies others in the process of finding and connecting with their own originality.

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