The Synthesis of the Heart
Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., Spiritual Director, Tayu Meditation Center
Original date: Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Disharmony and conflict are the common experience of the interior life of the head and heart. Despite our best efforts to impose unity within, the truth is that opposing impulses blow us back and forth like kites in the wind. Esoteric spiritual practice treats the nagging persistence of internal conflict as the first and greatest challenge of spiritual life. But we cannot bully our disparate selves into a harmonious whole. First we learn to witness all phenomena—interior and exterior—without identification. This attunement to reality enables us to actually educate the recalcitrant interior identities that have been so fractious. The ultimate transcendence of internal conflict is the synthesis of the heart: the enfolding of all the disparate selves within the compassionate embrace of a higher emotional vibration than we have previously known. Join us for a discussion of practical steps than can make real change possible.

Rob Schmidt, Ph.D., is spiritual director of Tayu Meditation Center, owner of Many Rivers. Rob has been a Tayu practitioner for over thirty years, and a Tayu teacher since 1983. He worked for decades with Tayu founder Robert Daniel Ennis, who fashioned meditative tools for use in the midst of daily life.

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