Recorder Concert: Almost Winter and Other Works
Three Trapped Tigers, plus special guest Jim Wilson
Original date: Thursday, January 21, 2010

Download MP3 Audio File Here (12.1 MB)

Join us for a concert by the recorder ensemble Three Trapped Tigers: David Barnett and Tom Bickley, plus special guest, Jim Wilson, performing Almost Winter by John Cage, on three recorders. The rest of the program reflects TTT's eclectic taste in music from across the centuries bound together by common affect and elements and the act of listening itself: settings of "The Leaves be Greene or Browning" by John Baldwine (c.1600) and Tom Bickley (2005/07). David Barnett will also perform "Lizard" (2005) for solo alto recorder by Alun Huddinott.

Three Trapped Tigers have been performing together since 2003. David Barnett has been a visiting artist at Cal Arts, performs with the Jealous Nightingale Baroque and teaches privately in the Bay Area. He now lives in Sebastopol. Tom Bickley is a member of the library faculty at CSU East Bay, teaches music privately and at the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. He plays with Gusty Winds May Exist and directs the Cornelius Cardew Choir. Jim Wilson writes music and poetry in Sebastopol, and is a co-founder of Many Rivers Books & Tea.

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