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Tarot Tools: Trusting your Intuition
Sequoia Lynne Nacmanie, Intuitive Tarot Reader
Original Date: Thursday, October 25th, 2018

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In this event, we will discuss and workshop ways to grow your intuitive abilities, using tarot. Moving away from any tarot books or booklets that come with tarot decks, our time will be spent in enhancing and trusting our interpretive, intuitive abilities. We will explore different tarot exercises and we will practice using intuitive interpretations, gaining insight into our own unique perspectives. These techniques will be applicable to reading for yourself or for others. We will also discuss how to design your own tarot spreads, how to best phrase tarot queries, and what you can do when you're drawing a blank. This event is best suited for those newer to tarot, and/or those who want to gain more ease in moving away from their tarot books when reading. It is recommended that you bring your own deck (or buy one at Many Rivers!) but a limited number will also be on hand for use.

Sequoia has been reading and studying tarot for over 20 years. Her reading style is rooted, empowering, and clarifying. She is deeply inspired by nature, which comes through in her readings. Clients feel supported and seen, gaining confidence and insight. Helping others via tarot is a calling that she is honored to share as she brings her empathic, intuitive listening skills to every reading and workshop. Her skills as a musician/music teacher and a gardener´┐Żall inform her abilities as a reader. Her website is

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