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Celebrating 40 Years of Taurean Horn Press
Bill Vartnaw and Avotcja
Original Date: Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Poet, musician and radio personality Avotcja, recent recipient of the Berkeley Poetry Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award and her own "Avotcja Day" from the City of Berkeley, and Sonoma County Poet Laureate Emeritus Bill Vartnaw will read their poems to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Taurean Horn Press, an independent poetry press. With Every Step I Take, a collection of Avotcja's poems and short stories was published by Taurean Horn Press last year. Writing from a multi-cultural background, many of Avotcja's poems in the book are written in Spanish as well as English or in both English and Spanish within the same poem. The title of her book refers to Avotcja's daily struggle with MS and her joy of life. Bill Vartnaw, publisher of Taurean Horn Press, will be reading from his own poems and some of the other poets he has published over the years.

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