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Tea and Tao
Solala Towler, Author of Practicing the Tao Te Ching, and editor of the Taoist journal The Empty Vessel
Original Date: Thursday, October 20, 2016

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Join us for a magical session of exploration and expansion using the ancient ceremony of Taoist Gongfu Tea Ceremony, known in Chinese as pin ming lun dao or �savor tea, discuss dao.� We will be sampling some special teas and taking part in a ceremony designed to open your heart and hara. By tuning into the sacred plant medicine we will experience an opening to higher spiritual and psychic planes. Through deep meditation we will allow ourselves to drop down into deep layers of being. We will explore the idea of living our life with Tea Mind and share some of the ancient stories of the Way of Tea from both Taoist and Zen traditions.

Solala Towler has been teaching qigong and Taoist philosophy for over 25 years. He has been the publisher of The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Taoist Philosophy and Practice, since 1993. He has had 12 books on the Taoist arts published and has recorded four cd�s of meditation/ qigong music. In addition, he is a founding board member of the National Qigong Association and leads tours to China to study qigong and meditation with Taoist teachers in the sacred Wudang Mountains. For more information on Solala�s work see his website at

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