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Tenchi Aikido
Betsy Hill, Sensei; James Gauer; Andrew Wagner; Bob Engel
Original Date: Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Ten means heaven and chi means earth. This refers to our alignment to spirit in matter. The flowing connection of heaven & earth is our center. The emergence of the creative flow is the universal cornucopia, the Yin & Yang. From here everything moves and maintains a dynamic natural balance. The universe pulsates, a constant flow in, through, and out of form. O�Sensei called it �the myriad forms of existence.� This is creativity or spontaneity that is Takemusu Aiki. As we open to the universe we tap into universal harmony. O�Sensei�s guidance and that of the Kami (Universal Energies) are our friends.

At Tenchi Aikido we dedicate ourselves to the Aikido principles of love and harmony and carry our practice into our families, communities, professions and planetary well-being. We train to trade in the old human habits of greed, hatred, power, jealousy, etc. to explore the source of love. Knowing that all answers lie within our mind-body, we explore to discover �the mind�s natural state of peace� � Byron Katie. As a training community we are here to support one another. As we keep giving we participate in each other�s growth. We acknowledge the Universal Life Force (ki) that motivates and permeates all of creation. We remind ourselves that this creative force supports all of us.

Betsy Hill, Sensei, began Aikido in 1966 at the age of 17 under the tutelage of Robert Nadeau, after he had just returned from Japan studying with O'Sensei. Her entry into the world of meditation and Aikido was deep and prolonged. She became one of the first women to earn her black belt in the US while she was one of the original members of the San Francisco dojo. Betsy has been deeply influenced by many of the senior instructors from Japan, her strong cohort of senior Aikidoists in CA, as well as Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism and her guru, Babaji. Tenchi Aikido was founded in July of 2006 following the closing of Centerfield Aikido, where Betsy was a senior instructor for 13 years. Tenchi Aikido is part of the California Aikido Association - Division III - led by Nadeau Shihan (master teacher) and Jack Wada Sensei (7th Dan)

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