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Theta Wave Float
Andrew Patterson and Michael Archer
Original Date: Thursday, February 26, 2015

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What is Theta Wave Float Spa, our newest neighbor in the 130 S. Main St. building in Sebastopol? Join us as the proprietors of this new venture explain the benefits of a Theta Wave Float experience. Benefits include relaxation, stress relief, pain relief, treatment of swellings, focus for athletic competition, meditation, super learning, decision making, and creativity enhancement. Apart from general relaxation, floatation therapy has been shown both anecdotally and in controlled studies to reduce or eliminate acute pain. The pain relief can be permanent after one session. The reduction of chronic pain lasts for several hours and includes a reduced need for analgesia. Other benefits include lessening of edema, increased range of movement in skeletal joints and lower perceived levels of stress. It also appears to help in anger management, to reduce feelings of fatigue and insomnia, to lower blood pressure and assist in weight control (in conjunction with talking cures/psychotherapy). Floating has also been used for long term meditation and self-awareness development as floating easily promotes the Theta brain wave state. Join us to hear more!

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