This Sacred Space: Meeting the Spiritual Needs of the Incarcerated
Kenny Johnson, Founder, This Sacred Space Foundation
Original date: Thursday, July 31, 2008

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This Sacred Space is a foundation that addresses the spiritual needs of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people. Founder Kenny Johnson himself was in prison for over 20 years and while in prison found his freedom through a spiritual regimen of books, plus lots of prayer, meditation and contemplative prayer. One fateful evening Kenny sat with the spiritual teacher Gangaji. The intense yet intangible transmission that so many books speak of happened, and Kenny's life gained meaning and purpose. With the support of his teacher Gangaji for the project, Kenny now visits many prisons to share his insights with men and women, teens and adults. Each meeting is unique and amazingly humbling. Meetings begin with a few moments of silence in honor of the victims and for those attending. It is out this silence that each person speaks, and it is the returning back to silence throughout the meetings that provides the way for healing to mysteriously break down resistance to change. The foundation of group meetings is the Silence. The foundation of the healing is the Silence. Each person is Silently healing themselves. Join us for a remarkable evening with a man with a mission.

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