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A Trackless Path
Ken McLeod, Tibetan Tradition Teacher and Author of A Trackless Path
Original Date: Thursday, April 14, 2016

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In A Trackless Path, the groundbreaking new book by author, teacher and translator Ken McLeod, you find the wisdom of ancient traditions expressed through the experience of a contemporary Western contemplative. This book epitomizes what it means to be spiritual but not religious. Steeped in the authority of McLeod's nearly five decades of Buddhist teaching and training, his book takes the reader right into the heart of contemplative practice. It combines a masterful translation of a poem by Tibetan mystic JigmZ Lingpa with his own insightful and personal commentary.

The key to McLeod's translation is his decision to interpret the poem as poetic expressions of inner transformation rather than philosophical presentations of noble truths. When combined with his powerful and poetic English, the result is a translation transparent in its simplicity. As McLeod says, "...a text in Tibetan is a flower in bud. It is the translator's task to enable that bud to blossom in the mind of the reader." In his commentary McLeod shows how wisdom is present in every moment of experience. While dedicated seekers often focus on philosophical and religious truths, the ways laid out by others may leave them lost in terrain far from the road of wisdom and awareness they started on. By drawing from both the poem and his own experience, McLeod shows how even the experience of being lost points a way to a knowing that lies beyond religious doctrine and philosophical systems.

Ken McLeod is a teacher, translator and author who, for nearly five decades, has devoted his life penetrating to the heart of Tibetan Buddhist practice and study. With his innovative, practical and non-dogmatic approach, Ken is known for an ability to articulate deep and subtle meaning of traditional Buddhist texts in experientially direct, clear and culturally relevant language. Ken's deep personal practice, years of pioneering teaching and passion for the art of translation breathe fresh life and modern idiom into his contemporary interpretations of ancient texts. In addition to A Trackless Path, Ken has also published several other books including The Great Path of Awakening; an encyclopedic treatment of meditation practice in Wake Up to Your Life, a poetic and evocative commentary on the Heart Sutra titled An Arrow to the Heart, and Reflections on Silver River, a translation and commentary on TokmZ Zongpo's Thirty-Seven Practice of a Bodhisattva.

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