Healings with the Angels
Trina Vega, Native Healings from the Heart
Original Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011

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Trina Vega writes: I am a Native American healer. Of the many diverse forms of healing I practice, Angel healing is one of the most powerful. I will take the audience through an Angel meditation to receive their name of their guardian Angel. I will give a brief description of the Archangels and their healings. I will also discuss the free will of not listening to the messages that the Angels give us on a daily basis. I will give messages that the Angels ask me to give to all present and also any message that the Angels would love to gift to an individual person present if they wish to hear that message. The Angels have very powerful messages for the coming year. I will end the talk with questions from the audience and would love to give the answers that the Angels would love to share.

Trina Vega is a Native American healer who practices many healing modalities. She has seen Angels her whole life, the first occasion being when she was 18 months old. Four years ago she was certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel practitioner. Trina teaches classes on all the Doreen Virtue books.

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