The Unlocked Gate:
Rengay Poetry

Poets Garry Gay and John Thompson
Original date: Thursday, October 23, 2008

Download MP3 Audio File Here (5.93 MB)

Join us for an evening of exploring rengay—a linked verse form that is haiku-based. This collaborative form was invented by Garry Gay in 1992 and is already being written in more than a dozen languages. John and Gary will be reading from their recent book of rengay, The Unlocked Gate, and discussing the collaborative process. The poets will share their views and experiences in crafting these poems together for the past 16 years. In particular they will focus on how rengay and linking verses engage their authors in a poetic dialogue.

Garry Gay is the current president of the Haiku Poets of Northern California. His work has been widely anthologized. John Thompson has written haiku and rengay for many moons and occasionally has had them published.

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