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Poetry Reading: Village Earth and other work
Jan Corbett, Author of Village Earth and This Bird Loves Figs
Original Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Village Earth is a collection of poetry and poetic prose which honors the influence of her local roots and responses to the larger village. Jan will be reading from this collection and from some of her more recent poetry and poetic prose.

A native of Sonoma County, Jan Corbett was raised in Sebastopol, graduating from Analy High School in the early sixties. She left Sebastopol for about 10 years, first attending UC Davis and then UC Berkeley where she received her BA in English. After travel, Jan came home again to Sebastopol and soon was a high school teacher in Healdsburg, California, married to a wonderful musician/teacher, Jim Corbett. Though busy with her husband, three daughters and her teaching career, her principal focus has always been one of changing the world through the healing of her own mind, through self-transformation. Now retired after a thirty-year stint of a full-time high school English career, she has produced two publications: This Bird Loves Figs (2010) and Village Earth (2013). The first poetry book was of a more personal nature. Village Earth, which she will share tonight, is an honoring of the village from whence I came— not only Sebastopol, but the planet itself, which is truly One Village.

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