Voluntary Simplicity
Dwight Sims
Original date: Thursday, March 27, 2008

Download MP3 Audio File Here (11.6 MB)

Living more simply is a challenge in our over-busy, over-stimulated world. Whether pursued as a spiritual practice or as a philosophy of life, simple living begins with examining our connection with stuff, the fast pace of modern life, and our relationship to money, the material and psychological distractions that prevent us from caring for the earth and for ourselves. This evening will be an introduction to a Voluntary Simplicity discussion group that will meet weekly from April 9 to May 21 at Many Rivers.

Dwight Sims has helped start over 25 discussion groups on sustainability topics offered through the Northwest Earth Institute, whose workbook we will be using for our discussion group. He is also assisting with curriculum development for the Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy in Santa Rosa.

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