Group Dream Work and Sound Healing:
Dreams as Sacred Stories, Sacred Stories as Dreams

Travis Wernet, MIPD Certified Projective Dream Worker
Original Date: Thursday, April 21, 2011

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Travis Wernet, MIPD Certified Projective Dream Worker will present ideas and anecdotes around the wealth of group and individual work with dreams, using a projective-style, archetypal approach. Dreams form the bedrock of an authentic and profound path towards deep self-understanding and transformation. In this approach to exploring the possible meaning of dreams, we will look at how understanding comes in the form of our inevitable imagined projections. We will ponder the folk story of Icanchu and Chuna as a collective example of a shared dream. Travis will provide a synthesizing Sound Healing at the close of our evening together in an expression of the ideas and experiences shared throughout the evening.

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