Woman Without a Name
Karen Mitchell, Author of Woman Without A Name
Original Date: Thursday, August 15, 2013

Download MP3 Audio File Here (8.9 MB)

Karen Mitchell will be speaking about the nature of feminine energy and its role in the healing of the emotional body. She will be illustrating this with passages from her book and will share some practices that invite this healing. She also hopes there will be a conversation about the role of the feminine in recovering and remembering our wholeness.

Karen was living in Poor Clare monastery when she had a non-ordinary experience of the Divine origin and cosmic-earthly comprehensiveness of feminine energy. After thirty years of incubating and unfolding this experience the fictional work: Woman Without a Name was completed and published. During the last six years she has been a student of Robert Sardello. Robert has been developing a heart centered spiritual psychology inspired by Rudolph Steiner and has helped re-connect his students to their imaginal capacities and the numinous feminine. Karen works as a licensed clinical social worker and trainer. She lives with her husband, Kent, in the Central Valley of California. She is currently working on a play about the significance of the atom bomb called Little Boy.

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