Poetry Delight
Raphael Block, Karl Frederick, and bSue Stephenson
Original date: Thursday, October 4, 2007

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Three Sonoma County poets will engage in poetic dialogue with each other and all present. Their poems are rife with incongruity, difficulty, joyful abandon, wry insight, and great appreciation for life. They'll respond in kind to each others' poems and to prompts and/or questions from the audience.

The authors:
Corralled into mysticism at the tender age of 28, Raphael Block has spent the second half of his life dancing to a melody, even when he could not hear its notes.

Mystery finds Karl Frederick everywhere—especially in the poems which write him. If you don't understand, relax—enjoy the ride—you're just paying a little too much attention.

With deceptively simple style and imagery, bSue Stephenson's poems lead through territories of human uncertainty, surprising strength, and uncommon insight.

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