Coming Home: A Dharma Talk:
Using Health Crises as Spiritual Doorways and Practices for Working With Them

Elliott Freed, Chinese Medicine Practitioner
Original Date: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Spiritual cultivation must be grounded in our physical existence. It is not philosophical. It is not mystical. It is here. In this space. Now. Illness is an opportunity to merge our conscious awareness with our body, our heart and our spirit. In the most difficult health crises we have the greatest openings to journey into ourselves. All the timeless teachings and methods are only useful for bringing us home to our true self. Our greatest challenges are the times when we are most open to our own experience, our true self. It is in this deeper awareness that we experience our deepest healing, our most complete wholeness. In this workshop we will introduce and explore methods for working with health crises to cultivate a deeper, more loving relationship with ourselves.

Elliott Freed has been involved in healing since 1988. In 1999 he began cultivating under the guidance of Master Fu Wei Zhong. Master Fu is the 13th lineage holder of a Zen healing lineage from the Golden Summit Monastery on Mount E Mei (Uh May) in the borderlands between Tibet and China. Since 2004 Elliott has practiced Chinese medicine. He has worked with well over 1000 individuals and taught classes to hundreds more.

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