Projective Imaginal Dreamwork:
Honoring Dreams and Learning to Work with Them

Travis Wernet, Dreamworker and Universalist Minister
Original Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Download MP3 Audio File Here (18.5 MB)

In a vital presentation of the unique mix between dreamwork and sound healing, enjoy a rich conversation about how to work with and benefit from your dreams to support a life of wholeness and depth. We'll discuss principles of Projective-style Dreamwork and the immense value of Group and Individual practice, drawing upon a multitude of approaches to understanding and honoring our dreams. Topics will include Mythos and their relationship to dreaming as well as Shamanic perspectives, the impact of group work on Community Building and Ecological Renewal. Travis will also offer his unique fusion of Sound Healing and Dream Growing—a synthesis of music and imagination in a vibrant, eclectic presentation for one and all.

Travis Wernet is a Certifid MIPD Dreamworker and Universalist Minister. He has been working with dreams for 18 years and hosts on-going in person, and telephone community groups and has a private practice in here in Northern California. For the past three years he traveled to Egypt to lead ceremonies and Dreamwork sessions and is a professional musician with several independent musical releases. and

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