Mark A. Green
Thursday, January 23, 7:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $5

Thousands of years ago, people used myths to explain things they didn't understand. But then came science, which has done a much better job of it.

While these dated traditions continue to insist on the validity of their myths, over the recent centuries science has proved a much more powerful set of tools for determining the nature of reality. And not once has a discovery turned out to prove that some phenomenon in the Universe was caused by gods, by prayer, or by magic.

But does this mean that religion is simply useless, and should be dispensed with? No, not at all.ATHEOPAGANISM is an Earth-honoring religious path that accepts the description of the world that science has provided us, without addition of invisible beings or powers. It incorporates progressive and environmental values, rituals and myths, seasonal celebrations and activism. Come to learn more!

Mark A. Green is an activist, writer, poet, musician and lover of the Earth. Known locally as the founding Executive Director of Sonoma County Conservation Action, he developed the organization into the largest environmental group on the North Coast of California, for which he was named the Sonoma County Environmentalist of the Year in 1997. He is the creator of the Atheopagan path and publishes at ,, and, and serves as administrator of the online Atheopagan community on Facebook. He lives in the watershed of the Russian River with the delightful Nemea and Miri, the Very Soft Cat.

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